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Power Platform Connectors

I love building Power Platform connectors. That's why this section is on my website. Below, I will add content for building Power Platform connectors. This will help you to build custom connectors and - when you're ready - publish them as an Independent Publisher Connector.

👨‍💻 VS Code Extension

To help you with the development of custom connectors, I created a Visual Studio Code Extension which gives you a set of snippets. The set of snippets will function as a productivity boost for the work you do with connectors in VS Code.

Just hit ctrl+space (on Windows) or command+space (on MacOS), enter ppc, and you will find all snippets that are available.

🌎 Power Platform Connectors (VS Code Extension)

🔗 Independent Publisher Connectors

Before the Independent Publisher Connector program, the only way to certify and publish a connector to be available for everyone was to be the owner of a service. For instance, Elon Musk could build a Tesla connector and certify that to become available in Power Apps, Power Automate, and Logic Apps.

Nowadays, everyone can build a connector for any service around the world. The Independent Publisher Connector program is available since 2021 and it has been growing popularity ever since.

🌎 Power Platform Connectors GitHub Repository